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Stop mopeds Revel

Another victim has been claimed by Revel’s negligence and greed: Chris Llerins, co-founder of Holistic Kids Foundation and our own daughter. This up-and-coming filmmaker/model’s life was turned inside out by a tragic moped accident in San Francisco. The most tragic part? She wasn’t even the one in the driver’s seat. 

Her friend thought it would be fun to get around on an electric moped for a day trip in the city. Chris hopped on for the ride, unaware that the Revel helmet she’d been given and the Revel moped they were riding were both UNSAFE FOR PUBLIC ROADS. While turning at an intersection, they lost control of their moped and crashed. Chris barely escaped with her life, but she suffered severe head trauma, spinal trauma, and nearly went blind when her face was shattered in multiple places. 

Before the crash, Chris graduated from the AFI Conservatory with a Master’s degree and a rising career as a filmmaker/model. She followed her dreams with passion and joy. Those dreams have been destroyed by her injuries.

ll Chris and her friend needed to rent a moped was a standard driver’s license and a smartphone to access the Revel app. Even a thirteen-year-old could get a set of wheels with little interference. Driving a moped is nothing like driving a car, and Revel’s electric mopeds are no exception: an over-powerful accelerator combined with small, unstable wheels make these vehicles incredibly dangerous. When Revel pairs this danger with low-quality non-integral helmet wear, they lull their drivers and passengers into a false sense of security. These non-integral helmets DO NOT PROTECT THE FACE, NECK, AND HEAD.

The DMV has specific laws in place regarding moped construction, maintenance, and licensure; but these laws DON’T APPLY to rental vehicles. REVEL takes advantage of the law’s gray areas to avoid liability for their clients’ accidents. The rental company pairs this avoidance with inadequate insurance policies that DON’T COVER the magnitude of costs for their client’s injuries.

Sign our petition

Sign our petition to amend federal moped and electric scooter rental laws in the United States.

Help us prevent future moped rental deaths tomorrow by making an impact on the world today!

We are asking for signatures to petition the US  federal government for the reforming of moped rental laws and their associated licenses. Existing laws regarding moped rentals in the United States are far too lax, and it shows in fatalities on the road every year: the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports nearly one hundred thousand serious injuries from motorcycle, moped, and scooter accidents in America, and over four thousand deaths every single year. In fact, Ninety percent of moped-related accidents can be traced to a single rental company: Revel. 

By exploiting the loose laws around rental moped operation and regulation, Revel has led to insurmountable injury and death. Help us make the roads safer for drivers and their families; we can prevent more tragedies together by closing the legal loopholes that companies like Revel have long exploited for financial gain and holding the Department of Motor Vehicles accountable for a higher standard of performance in public service.

The most pressing failure of existing policy regarding moped operation is that there is no universally accepted licensure in the United States for moped and scooter drivers. While some states allow anyone with a standard drivers’ license to take to the road in their chosen transportation, many others require a special license to operate. Vermont, Texas, Michigan, and South Carolina are perfect examples: not only do they all require more than a standard class-D American driver’s license, none of these states have the same requirements to operate a moped or scooter as one another. 

This national inconsistency is a proven recipe for danger on the road, but there’s another caveat that complicates the situation further: you don’t need a special license to rent a moped/scooter in all but a handful of US states. Moped rental companies like Revel knowingly exploit this legal loophole, putting the youngest and most inexperienced drivers in danger for a wider profit margin. Rental companies are even exempt from responsibility for road accidents with how lax these rental laws are. Every scooter or moped on the road has become a roadside disaster waiting to happen, and rental companies are fine with it, so long as they earn their profit margins.


This is how the mopped looks after an accident

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